Coach Johnson's Pizza
Fruit cup with tajin 8oz
Fresh Fruit Salad w/ tajin packet on the side
Coach Izidoro's Chicken Wrap
Chef Lourdes's Lunch Special
2/1 Chicken Quesadilla w/fries 2/2 Grilled Cheese w/fries 2/3 Philly Cheesesteak w/fries
Cheese, Hummus and Fruit Box
Cubed Cheese, grapes, pretzels and hummus
Braunstein's Acai Bowl 8oz
Easley's Salmon Plate
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl
Bob's Burger on Brioche
5.3 oz Angus Beef with American Cheese on fresh Brioche Bun
3pc - Chicken Tenders
Ranch included
Crispy Buffalo Chicken Salad
Romaine Lettuce with diced crispy chicken tenders tossed in buffalo sauce. Salad will include shredded Monterey cheese, croutons, cherry tomatoes and a side of ranch dressing.
Turkey and Provolone
The turkey & provolone sandwich is served on wheatberry, ciabatta or croissant bread
Bean & Cheese Burrito
Bean & cheese burrito
Principal G's Chicken on Brioche
Braunstein's Acai Bowl 16oz